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5 Nature Elements

The supporting sequence is as follows:
    • Wood: Produces fire / Spring ; anger controls earth
    • Fire: Produces earth / Summer; joy controls metal
    • Earth: Produces metal / Late Summer; pensive controls water
    • Metal: Produces water / Autumn; grief controls wood

    • Water: Produces wood / Winter; fear  Water controls fire
The five elements, interact consistently with patterns of generation and control. The control cycle creates limits, while
generating cycle promotes expansion.
Fire controls metal (vis melting) – earth supports metal (creates minerals).
Earth controls water (blocking and inhibiting) – metal supports water (via refined materials).
Metal controls wood (cutting) – water supports wood (nourishment).
Water controls fire (extinguishes) – wood generates fire (as fuel).
Fire supports earth (reducing wood to ash) – wood controls earth (covering).
The five elements skin / Hair / Body conditions
Skin: Normal to dry and combination type. Wood natures have a supple, radiant skin. When out of balance dullness and spot dryness. Generally, have a thin skin texture.
Hair: Fine hair and dry ends.
Body: Usually has a Pettie frame.
Skin: Sensitive skin type. Fire natures have a soft, fine skin. When out of balance, sun damage easily.
Hair : Thin hair with oil rich roots, have a tendency early graying and balding.
Body:  Solid, athletic type
Skin: Normal to oily-rich skin type. Earth natures have smooth, hydrated, soft skin. When out of balance occasional break out.
Hair: Very thick hair
Body: Usually larger and broad-shouldered
Skin: Dry/dehydrated skin type. Metal natures have thin skin with small pores. When out of balance tendency tightness and flakiness and have little perspiration. They are prone to fine lines.
Hair: Dry, thin hair
Body: Usually a tall, thin frame
Skin: Oil-prone skin type. Water natures have smooth textures and an even tone, large pores. When out of balance prone brakes out face and back.
Hair: Have thick hair
Body: Heaver side as they retain a lot of water