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The 70/30 Ratio

History so far organized 70% of humanity, and we are the future. Next is to research and open 30%.

If strengthen my insistence, it leads to arguments and clashes. Discuss and study together the future.

If you insist, you will eventually become lonely. And if you discuss, you will be harmonious.

Communication is not what I do, but what I try to do right. Keep the conversation right.

 Find the rules of conversation. The principle is:

There is an upper and a lower. There is the same opposition, and there is an order of the Senior and Junior.


Jungbub Lecture;
It is humanized right education study about and opened YouTube since 2012 over 11750 cased of people’s question and answered.
Any of questions? get wisdom answered without hesitation, which is easy to understandable.
Moving beyond the humanities to the human science era, we, humans, are the universe.
A lecture on jungbub that awakens the solidified modern people to properly understand the principles of nature law and
use to correctly.
Everything, including humans, has energy mass. What we call karma comes in the U shape.
Humans are born with a frequency in the acupoint of 6006, which is a human sensor.
We live in a 3D ( Three-Dimensional)l world and operate according to the 3:7 law of nature.
We are born with 30% of our basic destiny, 40% ~ 70% is earth number, our destiny is changed by our efforts, 80% ~ 100% is
a Heavenly number that with us.
The Oriental Zodiac shows that when we act as less than 30% human, we are characterized animals, by its characteristics.
The human body temperature is 37 degrees and is made up of 70% water. Earth is also composed up of 70% water.
Water is a substance in which the 97% heavenly energy is dissolved.
The importance of water is to circulate, and whatever it is, it washes away the turbidity of nature in the earth and washes
away the turbidity in our body as well.
– When you buy a house, or buy a car, …look 3 times over it and decide.