Most frequently asked questions

Made with natural ingredients that meet high standard skin care with incorporating Bio-Technology. It is better for the environment also providing better quality skin care components.

MIROM is a vehicle that conveys the meaning of harmonizing and balancing the healthy and beautiful beauty that develops the inner self care and the outer beauty care of oneself.
Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Composed with abundance of organic antioxidants prolonging natural shelf life and bringing maximum benefit from the nutrients. Maintaining Purity, Quality, Activity. 

Yes. We highly recommended a face massage of the product in the morning and evening in use except the oily and blemish skin types. The purpose of facial massage stimulates the blood circulation, improves muscular tissue of the face, depletes excess fluid, stimulates the lymphatic system, purifies the skin, and removes waste from the tissue.
Allowing more oxygen to reach and nourish the skin, enhances suppleness and elasticity as a result, the face can be rid of puffiness and appear less saggy.
* 24 Powder Cleanser: 1 time only use a day
In the morinng use, mix 1/2 powder cleanser with 1/2 water, rub well with your palms, spread over face, massage in a light circular motion until dissolves, then rinse well with lukewarm water.
* Day Cream or Lotion
* Healing Balm or Treatment Anti age oil
Not recommend massage the Oily and Acne skin types
3 stepts to: After face wash
Day; Toner – moisturizer (massage) – Reapply Toner (lock the moisture)
Night; Toner – Serum (optional) – Treatment Oil or Ki Healing Balm – Reapply toner (lock the moisture)
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