Cooling Toner


Cooling Toner 

72 Hours Advanced Moisture Astringent Toner
Men/Acne-Prone Skin types


  • ✅ Contains Alpha Lipoic Acid & Red Ginseng. Fantastic duo ingredients assist in the regulation of oil production and decrease inflammation, cooling down razor burns without irritating skin.
  • ✅ Advanced 72 hours hydration Eco-cert approved Saccharide & Hyaluronic acid formula optimal to maximize moisture and clear pores.
  • ✅ Precious King of pure Jasmine Absolute with Organic Clary Sage essential oil eliminate bacteria and heal skin tissues. Ideal for men’s after shave & acne-prone skin types. Works excellent as well for dry or oily scalp.




Optimal moisture maximized loosen serum build-up inflammatory acne. Explore a real Jasmine delivered.
Alpha Lipoic Acid: Excellent anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant, and fights signs of skin aging. Good for sensitive and acne-prone skin types.
Milk Thistle Extract: Helps improve inflammatory skin conditions to promote healthy skin.
Use: Apply after shave and clean face.