Grand Toner


72 hours Advanced Moisture World – Class Luxurious Primum Toner
  • ✅Grand toner Represents 72 hours hydration Eco-Certified Approved Saccharide Isomerate & Hyaluronic Acid optimized for deep last moisture.
  • ✅ Formulated with unique Canadian Whistler Glacial mineral water and Cranberry concentrate water based with Ice wine & Cranberry extract incorporated to AHA family blends providing remarkable skin for a radiant visible clarity.
    • ✅ Delivers to queen of real Rose oil promote a wonderful aroma and boost glow skin plus, it’s use as a hair leave in conditioning properties of Vitamin B5 and proteins to silk sheen hair.
    • ✅ Size: 7 fl oz / 210ml.


Remove the impurities residue & Restore pH balanced leading to absorbing other products.
Helps eliminate signs of aging & dark spots.
For Sensitive to Normal Skin types.