Scalp Spark


Scalp Spark

Thicker, Fuller, Sheen


  • ✅ Our exquisite and superior natural scalp care formula is outstanding remedy for thinning or hair loss. It’s an extremely effective formula to improve the circulation of hair follicles with boosting effects for thicker, fuller and stronger hair.
  • ✅ Main key is to gently exfoliate opening hair follicles due to ageing while multifuel herbal enzymes, vitamins, and other minerals deeply penetrate scalp to stimulate hair thickening results quickly.
  • ✅ It is composed of all natural a various organic intensive herbal infused oil, herbal powders & botanical fruit extracts. Harmonized to increase speed up cellar metabolism to nourish healthy hair. Also very beneficial for itchy, dry, and dandruff release as well.


  • Extraordinary power to promote healthy hair thickening, and help new hair growth amazingly.
  • See the result on within 30 days
  • Apply 2 times a week