Treatment Oil


100 Treatment Oil


  • ✅ Exquisite rich herbal compounds combined with Vitamin A & Beta Carotenoids absorb well into the skin to impact and minimize wrinkles, preventing further aging process to promote damage skin cell turn over during Night sleep.
  • ✅ Our intensive premium all-natural Treatment Oil to deliver a rich without overly greasy nourishment, and to keep hydration and prevent from stripping out water gives skin layers a soft and a healthy glowing complexion.
  • ✅ Explore pure Orange blossom Neroli & Lavender essential oil along with its regenerative skin tissue that provides a wonderful aroma gratifying night rest tranquility.




Using only cold-pressing procedure, Organic oil does not involve heat or chemical treatments for better therapeutic effects.
Infused intensive herbal extracts & Vitamin A groups accelerate to recover skin cells.
Myrrh Essential Oil: Encourages new cell growth, reduces wrinkles, and rejuvenates skin.
Use: for night time, massage entire face and neck